Rosette Awards

10 Stable Management and 10 Riding Rosettes – A fun way to encourage clients (especially children) to learn more about their ponies/horses – with the added bonus of a Rosette and Certificate! 

Proprietors can use the Awards in whichever way suits their individual requirements, enhancing the value and fun of Camps, Own a Pony Day or Lessons. Simply order from the office, fill in the certificate and hand to the smiling child.

Stable Management Rosette Categories

Points of the Horse – Orange
Saddlery – Brown
Native Breeds – Green
Grooming – Blue
Tack Cleaning – Sky Blue
Poisonous Plants – Red
Feeds & Feeding – Pink
Pony Health – Purple
The Foot & Shoeing – Cream
Leading Ponies – Yellow

Riding Rosette Categories (Polka Dot)

Mounting & Dismounting – Pink
Start, Stop & Steer – Blue
Rising Trot – Orange
Sitting Trot – Green
Circles – RedWalk & Trot No Stirrups – Purple
Trot Diagonals – Yellow
Changes of Rein – Magenta
Canter Aids & Position – Navy
Canter Circles - Black


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