Warning re. Peacock Safety Stirrups

We have received a report from one of our members about an accident a 6 year old boy had recently. He sustained a nasty injury whilst dismounting from his pony and tore his penis really badly on the safety stirrup on the way down. He was dressed correctly, with quite thick jodphurs, boots, hat etc. and had recently achieved his mounting and dismounting rosette, so was well aware of technique. He was riding a suitable sized pony (12.2hh) and a qualified Instructor was teaching.  Two other qualified First Aiders were on site to help attend.

The child was kept in hospital overnight for a general anaesthetic and stitches. Fortunately he is now fine and  there will be no lasting damage. It has obviously happened before as this link shows.

Please can you pass this on to your instructors and review your use of peacock irons, bearing in mind there are other forms of safety stirrups that can be used.


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