Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre ABRS approved 

Whatever you like - hacking, jumping, cross-country, we're here for you!

We are here for you, the rider. You tell us what you want from your ride and we design the lesson to suit you. We help you gain confidence with your horse, enjoying your riding and learning through doing - and we have plenty of variety for you!

You will learn how to ride from your 'core', we encourage you but do not 'push' you. We help you to develop good posture as this is the key to safe and effective horse riding, we have lots of fun exercises to help you - enjoy riding bareback, build your 'riding' muscles riding up and down hills, ride one handed in and out of obstacles, turn small circles easily and ride from canter to halt without 'pulling' on the reins. Learn how horses think, react and behave and how to have authority with calmness to keep yourself and others safe around them. You will develop the skills so that you can enjoy riding holidays and days out riding.

All lessons include horse care and management as an integral part. You can observe a small family 'herd' of a Spanish stallion, his three Spanish mares and foals running free, and watch the foals turning from cute fluffy babies into mature and calm, well behaved riding horses through good handling and training.

All the horses and ponies compete every month in our own shows (where you have the opportunity to compete too!) and also in external showjumping and cross-country competitions. Several of the horses and ponies have won and been placed in showjumping and cross country competitions and championships, including the 'sunshine tour' in Spain, and we currently hold two high jump records (and they all give lessons!).

Complete beginners are very welcome, several of our adult riders were total beginners a couple of years ago and are now enjoying hacking out, jumping and one or two have even enjoyed their first gallop!

We are a small, very friendly yard where you, the rider are our top priority, we enjoy to share our wonderful family of horses and ponies with you and help you to get as much fun from horses and riding as we do!!

Just give us a ring for a chat, and come up and see us!

Find us on facebook 'Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre' group!

Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre
ABRS approved
Allswell Farm
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire

telephone: 01422 846249/844021
mobile: 07827446134


darren.clitheroe@btinternet.com taznrick@hotmail.co.uk


  • 20x40m covered arena with rubber/fibre surface
  • 50sq ft indoor with viewing balcony
  • 14 rubber matted stables
  • Purpose built hills for riding up and down including our own derby bank!
  • 'Cross country course'
  • Full set of BSJA show jumps
  • Direct access to Yorkshire moors, miles of stunning scenery
  • Snack + Drink facilities
  • Large Car Park

    UKCC Course Dates & Venues

+44 (0)1403 790294