British Grooms Association

The BGA is the professional membership organisation for grooms of all levels across all disciplines.  It brings together all who work hands on with horses offering support, dedicated career advice and promotes professionalism and good horsemanship.

The BGA is the professional body for people who work with horses. It is a social enterprise and is non profit making.

The BGA welcomes all grooms who work in the UK and British grooms who work abroad.


Accessible and concise, the Employers Zone is an easy to use problem solver that can be used to gain information about how to employ staff in the equestrian industry, or as a quick reference guide in specific situations.

It addresses the questions that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting to discipline and termination, employment facts, sickness and employee relations.

Tailored specifically to the challenges of the equine industry, the Employers Zone includes:

  • Written Statement of Employment Particulars (Contract)
  • HR Advice Line from HR On Tap Human Resources Services
  • Sample letter templates
  • Check lists and useful links
  • Case studies
  • The legal facts
  • Practical handy tips
  • News letters, keeping you informed of latest changes in employment issues
  • Access to the BGA International Riders Travel Insurance

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